leading Zinc Oxide Varistors and Core Sets manufacturer

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  We are leading Zinc Oxide Varistors and Core Sets manufacturer "  Nanyang Keda Electric Co., Ltd. " from Nanyang China. We are ISO9001 certified company specialised in manufacturing the best quality ZnO Varistors and Core sets as per customers' requirements. We have a very huge clientele based in China which includes ABB, China Power Company to name a few giants and many other reputed companies in Japan, Malaysia and other APAC.

   Our art of technology manufacturing and R&D center at  Nanyang ensures high quality zero defects products. We believe in innovation to bring in efficiency. We are quality and service driven company ensuring high customer satisfaction. We believe that we can provide you the best possible support through our products. The brochures and other details are attached with this. Kindly do contact us and provide an opportunity to serve you. Thanks!

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email: nykeda@outlook.com